recipe for a looong weekend

friday evening

saturday morning

  • vinyasa yoga class

saturday afternoon

  • visits to garden centers to gather veggies to plant in garden

  • then once back at home plant lettuce, tomatoes, peppers & zucchini.  some of our garden is in the shade so I was on the hunt for vegetables that do well in partial shade – lettuce being one of them.  other semi-shade-tolerate veggies?  beans, peas, root veggies like potatoes and carrots, brussels sprouts, kale, spinach and herbs.

saturday evening

  • fire up the grill (steak for craig, veggies for me)
    • grill-top veggie packets: cube potatoes, red bell peppers and any other veggies you like.  (i added green onion and whole garlic cloves to ours.)  sprinkle with salt & pepper.  season with fresh herbs & spices.  drizzle with olive oil.  place in a foil packet.  cook over medium heat on covered grill for 20-30 min or until potatoes are tender.  
olive & craig

  • craig set up a table and chairs in our back yard and we enjoyed dinner al fresco while olive played in the yard.  simply fabulous.

sunday morning

  • walk in doylestown with olive.  even at 9am it was HOT!

  • back home for breakfast and to get ready to head over to my parents' for memorial day weekend fun

sunday afternoon

  • chillin’ outside and visiting with family while olive played with her buddies, colby & duncan

sunday evening

  • meet with cate & chad for drinks in lambertville (they’re just 3 weeks from their wedding so there was a lot of excitement in the air)
    • if you find yourself in lambertville, nj and go to libations for drinks, order a “tight dress” – a delicious vodka & champagne cocktail

monday morning

  • low key morning – prepped some sides for our memorial day dinner

    • quinoa with sautéed red onions, mushrooms & fresh thyme
    • red cabbage & carrot slaw with sesame dressing

 monday afternoon

  • head over to erin & brian’s for lunch and swimming (and delicious drinks)

    • spiked arnold palmer: 1 shot sweet tea vodka over ice, topped with lemonade.  they were honestly a little too good.

monday evening

  • back to mom & dad’s for casual outdoor dinner
    • homemade turkey burgers with mom’s basil & pinenut pesto
    • two salads – quinoa and slaw (that hannah and i made earlier)
    • fresh greens (from our garden)
    • sweet cherries

lovely long weekend.  how was your weekend?.