i know i've been a little m.i.a. lately.  my 5 posts per week have dropped to 2 or 3.  but, the truth is, some very exciting things are on the horizon that have diverting my attention elsewhere (momentarily).  i figured i might as well fill you all in on what's going on since you're probably wondering where i've been...

see, i'm still here!

(1) i'm developing (along with craig's business guidance) a very cool product that should be launching within the next couple of weeks.  this beauty product that we've been working on capitalizes on a major fad right now, so we're really excited to see where it goes.  (i know that's a tease, but i'll certainly keep you all posted as to when it's available!  ok, one clue.  pale will be the new tan.)  want to be notified when the product site launches?  leave your email address in a comment below.

(2) i've been contacting publishers about a cookbook i'm writing, entitled vegetables & vodka.  it highlights healthy (veggie-based) dinner recipes & low-cal cocktails to promote a life of healthy balance.  i'm also working with fellow lifestyle and healthy living bloggers to gather recipe submissions for the final book.  thanks to you all for your interest and contributions!!!

(3) lifestyle maven is starting a movement.  the maven movement promotes "cutting the crap" - on your plate, in your head and in your life.  it's meant to empower women to take charge and simplify their lifestyle and food choices in order to cultivate health and unearth happiness.  and, of course, be simply fabulous, too.  (see the button to the left just below my picture?  give it a click for more info.)

so, mavens, you can see why i've been a little preoccupied lately.  i hope you'll forgive my absence and stay tuned for all the simply fabulous things that await.