t-shirt necklace how-to

i found this project about a year back and have been making these funky, t-shirt necklaces ever since.  i love pashminas and scarves, but they're a little heavy for summer.  these necklaces work great all-year round' and you're guaranteed compliments when you wear one.  they are the perfect casual accessory and add a bit of pizazz to a simple t-shirt & jeans kinda outfit.  plus, they're simple to make...and they're "green".  simply fabulous, if you ask me.

t-shirt (preferably one you already own, so you can "recycle" it)
needle & thread

total time: 15 min

cut t-shirt into strips
stretch the cut loops, reserving the hem of the t-shirt for later
stretched loops (and hem to the left of the picture)
gather loops
bring opposite sides together
tie one end with hem
allow for a 5-6" gap and tie other end with hem
wrap extra hem fabric back around itself
once you reach the end of the hem fabric, stitch it in place to keep it from unraveling
voila!  lovely t-shirt necklace : )
wear with a smile