The REAL Meaning of Clarity + How to Find It

I’m calling myself out here. I know that I talk about “finding Clarity” a lot.

Clarity about what you want your life + business to look like.
Clarity about what success on your terms feels like.
Clarity about what inspired action steps to take next to move you forward.

I also know that having the pressure of “finding Clarity” resting on your shoulders can be crushing. So, I want to clarify ::wink wink:: with you today is what I really mean when I say it’s important to “find Clarity” and how you can find the Clarity you need right now.

First off, it's all Clarity. The good. The bad. The wins. The losses. The super high-highs. And the super low-lows. Whether the step you took was a huge success or a difficult learning experience, it's all Clarifying. (If something totally wasn’t what you expected, at least you clearly know what you don’t want now!)

Everything (yes, everything!) you do/think/create/say/become/try is moving you in the right direction to a clearer place of deeper understanding of who you truly are and what you truly want to create, offer and deliver into the world.

Clarity isn't a fixed destination. It's a journey. 

And it can be found one decision at a time. One small baby step at time. Clarity is uncovered through action.

Clarity isn’t about quantum leaps (most of the time at least), it’s about small decisions made every day that move you in the right direction.

Show up. Do your work. Share it with the people who need it. Repeat.

You don't need to see the whole plan and know every single twist and turn along the way (if we knew that, we might never take the leap!). Just take the next step, and trust it's all unfolding just as it should....because it is. Always.