A Prayer for Soulful Expansion

Sometimes the very best thing we can do is nothing at all.

Instead of pushing, striving, efforting -- instead of “making things happen” -- we need to step back and allow them to occur as they need to. 

When we are in control-mode, we are completely blocking the flow. We are getting in the way. We are messing things up that would otherwise unfold easily.

This is a lesson I’ve needed to learn again and again and again in my life. (Anyone else out there feel me on this one?...)

In the not-too-distant past, I’ll admit, my default mode was pushing to get more clients, striving to make more money, efforting to succeed feels, trying to be a “good” mom and wife, struggling to feel at peace with myself. And, it feels terrible. It sucks the joy out of not just my business, but my life in general.

But, in those lucid moments of Clarity when I am able to see the bigger picture of how things really work, I then show up with a full heart and the faith that the right opportunities, people and circumstances will unfold. And, every single time, they do.

Sure, they might not look exactly as I had pictured in my controlling ego-mind, but, most of the time, they’re even better for everyone involved. Ease galore. Hustle no more.

If you’re anything like me and too often find yourself stuck in “do” mode instead of “allow” mode, I offer you this: A Prayer for Soulful Expansion. (This prayer, if you want to call it that, has been sitting in the notes app on my phone since January. I figured it was time to share it with you :-)

Repeat these words to yourself -- silently or aloud -- and allow their TRUTH to wash over you, bring you relief and reinforce your faith that everything really is working out just as it’s supposed to for you. Always.

A Prayer for Soulful Expansion

I release my Soulful Expansion over to the all-knowing Universe.
I have Faith in my everlasting and ever-present Connection to guidance.
I Trust that if I honor the calm, steady voice within, a path of Divine Simplicity will reveal itself and lead me towards fulfillment, abundance and joy on all planes.
The dreams and visions I hold for myself were given to me -- and me alone -- for a reason. They are an integral part of my expansion, and the Universe holds them as dearly as I do.
So now, I step aside, and let Universal intelligence lead the way.
Amen. Om Shanti. Let it be so. 

::sigh of relief::


That’s it. Hand it off. Trust. Allow. Expand. (Repeat.)

There’s nothing you have to do. Nothing you have to “make happen”. Nothing you have to push into existence. Nothing you have to control, manipulate or manage. It’s ALL taken care of for you -- if you allow it.

My hope for you, my friend, is that you, too, begin to experiment with doing less and allowing (and enjoying!) more. 

There is unbelievable support backing you. Universal support. There is no need to figure it all out yourself. ::exhale::