Best Of: How I Made $10,495 in 12 Days

Today I want to share with you the tale of how I made $10,495 in just 12 days...after having a minor (ok, somewhat major) freak-out.

I was in the process of enrolling my group coaching program and sales were slow. Very, very sloooow. And, if you’ve ever been in a situation like that, you know that it leaves you questioning everything! 

Is something wrong with the program, the sales page, the marketing?
Is something wrong with the timeline, the content, the colors, the fonts?
Is something wrong with the price point, the bonuses, the call-to-action?
Is something wrong with the images or the testimonials I used?
Is something wrong with my vision, my business, ME???
Do I just suck at this????.....

I was downward spiraling. Fast. But, one thing I’ve come to realize from all of this is that wallowing in self-doubt while in isolation is a recipe for tears and a hollow pit in your stomach.

So, I reached out to a dear friend (who is also a wonderfully successful entrepreneur), and she gave me some amazing advice. Then, I got in touch with a mastermind collective that I’m a part of and received even more invaluable suggestions, and everything turned around. 

I went from a major low to major high in just 2 weeks. Ahhh...the rollercoaster life of a (pregnant) entrepreneur...

Now, on this side of it, I can (almost) laugh about it. I now see that I let the external factors of my life and business totally affect how I was thinking and feeling about myself and my program. 

Deep down, I knew I created something really useful and impactful that would change women’s lives, but I let a few days of slow sales leave me questioning everything. This experience (though it totally sucked as the time) was a much-needed reminder that we need to choose happiness and optimism first and then the good stuff comes. We can’t let what’s going on the outside mess up what we KNOW to be true on the inside.

Also, I came to understand on a whole new level that enrolling a group coaching program (or selling anything for that matter!) is about a heck of a lot more than “scheduling the sales emails” and “forgetting them” and then waiting for money to arrive in your inbox. As nice as that would be sometimes :-)

Here’s a look at what it really took to bring in 5-figures in under 2 weeks (after a total freak-out):


:: No one ever accomplished anything great without a clear plan of action. Define your goals, outline your game plan and then take action!


:: Sometimes, the plan you thought was going to play out just perfectly, doesn’t. And you have to think on your feet and pivot your strategy. Pivoting and learning on the job isn’t failure -- it’s just part of entrepreneurship! Don’t be too hard on yourself :-)


:: Sales weren’t “popping” the way I had anticipated early in the sale period, so (after my freak-out) I asked for help from my biz best friends and mastermind buddies. They offered me some seriously great advice that turned the experience around.


:: As lovely as it would be to “set it and forget it”, I realized that my potential clients were needing more of ME in the sales process. So, I sent personal emails, got on the phone to answer questions, personally invited people into the program, and followed up again...and again. A personal touch can make ALL the difference. (In fact, over 65% of the women in my program joined because of a personal email I sent them -- NOT through the mass sales emails to my list.)


:: Give people a reason to sign-up NOW. Add in juicy bonuses (that expire), have enrollment deadlines, let people know when/if you’ll be offering it again (and if the price is going up next time), and let them know if space is limited.


:: During launch time this one is really challenging for me. (I bet you never would have guessed! LOL) It’s like all my self-doubt and limiting beliefs that I thought I had totally moved beyond come bubbling up to the surface. So, that means I have to spend even more time on self-care & mindset work. For me that looks like meditation, journaling, reading personal development books/blogs/stories, listening to inspiring teachings/interviews, going for walks, and booking a celebratory massage for when sale time is over!

If you have a sale coming up, I hope these tips are helpful, and if there is any other insight or advice that would be useful, please reach out, and let me know. 

I’m happy to share whatever I can to make your next sale a success for you. (So you don’t have to experience a freak-out like I did!)

If you've been a part of my community for a while (thank you!), and this post looks familiar, that's because it's part of the #BestofClarity series. Since I'm on maternity leave now with baby girl #2, my husband wisely suggested that I re-share some of the most popular posts that resonated with you the most. I hope this teaching, whether new to you or familiar, sparks Clarity within you.