The reason it’s NOT working is because you’re trying so hard [a lesson from my 2 year old]

The other day, I was watching my two year old daughter with a toy that was frustrating her. 

She was forcibly trying to get a small magnetic “hook” at the end of a toy fishing pole to latch into the magnetic mouth of a little fish. 

She was holding the hook in one hand and the fish in the other and smashing them into one another, each time getting more and more frustrated that they weren’t connecting -- so much so, in fact, that she then closed her eyes and looked away as she was still trying to make it work.

The funny thing is, if she had just released her grip from the hook and the fish and simply dangled the little hook anywhere near the little fish’s mouth, they would have latched effortlessly. (Which I then showed and explained to her, but she still wasn’t having it.) 

The toy was designed for success, but she was so determined to do it her way that it just wasn’t working. Cue major “ah-ha” moment: the reason that it wasn’t working was BECAUSE she was trying so hard. (Did you just have a major ah-ha moment too?)

In that moment, seeing how easily my daughter could have avoided the total frustration and disappointment she was experiencing, it was snapped into focus all the times when I’m behaving in exactly the same way!

Instead of believing in the natural process of things, I think I’ll muscle my way through. Instead of trusting the divine timing of my life, I force my timeline. I effort, instead of allowing ease.

I push a little too hard, work a little too long, fight instead of forgive, doubt instead of believe, worry instead of trust. And, instead of feeling in the flow of my life and supported on my journey, I feel alone and tired -- not because the simple solution and support aren’t there for me (they ALWAYS are!), but because I have closed my eyes and turned my head away from the path of least resistance.

So here’s the deal... 

Don’t push so hard. You’re on your way. It’s happening. Keep showing up, offering value, shining your light. You’re designed for success. 

Release the worry, the fear, the frustration. Let go of the rigid timeline and the obsessive control. Have more fun, lighten up, believe in yourself and your worthiness to receive all that you desire. 

And, most importantly, keep doing your thing, and let the Universe handle the rest. (It always does.)

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