This will help you with ANY decision you need to make...

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The advice I’m about to share will help you with ANY big decision you ever need to make.

If you’ve been hanging out in my neck of the woods much these past few weeks, you know that my signature group program, Business Clarity Accelerator, is now open for enrollment. (Thanks for sticking with me!)

Now, whether or not BCA is a “no”, “maybe”, or “YES!” for you, I highly suggest you keep reading because the advice I’m about to share will help you with ANY decision you need to make for you or your business.

I have (more times that I can count) waited until the final hours to invest in something that I was calling to me. In fact, most recently, I waited until after the sale had closed for a program I was really, really interested in, and I just happened to be lucky enough to still have the checkout process go through. (I do not suggest doing this -- there was major anxiety involved.)


The funny thing is, I’m not usually a procrastinator. I plan months (even years!) ahead, write my blog posts several weeks in advance and always finish my projects well before the deadline. But, there’s something about investing in myself that leaves me in indecision land.


And, it’s the indecision that’s so very painful. Thinking there’s a “right” or a “wrong” way to go. That it’s a “make it” or “break it” sort of thing.


The truth is, there is no universal right or wrong -- there’s just the right decision or wrong decision for you, here and now. You decide.


And, those butterflies in your stomach aren’t a sign that things are turning south, and you should run for the hills -- they’re a sign of growth! We need to lean into our expansion.


Like I said, it’s the indecision that’s so uncomfortable. Once you decide, one way or the other, you’ll feel instant relief. I promise.


So, if you’re on the fence about BCA (or anything for that matter), here is some coaching for you: Make a decision. Trust your gut. Don’t look back.


We waste so much time and mental energy complicating decisions that don’t need to be complicated!


If we instead learn to trust our super helpful intuition and adhere to the decision it guides us to, we’re setting ourselves up for smooth sailing and far fewer hours of indecision discomfort.


If you’re still feeling like you need a bit more help with your decision about BCA, here are some things to consider:


  1. Will I regret NOT pursuing this opportunity?
  2. How would it feel to jump my business forward starting now and be in a radically different place by mid-October?
  3. Is this feeling like a “Yes!”?


Answer those 3 questions honestly, you’ll instantly know whether or not BCA is the right decision for you.


If you’re a YES! (Yippee!!)

Enroll in BCA now before the doors close tomorrow.


If you’re a maybe.

Give yourself a deadline to decide. I’d suggest you aim to decide one way or the other within the next 30 minutes so that you can take this decision OFF your plate, and move on with your day! (Or, send me an email, and I will personally help you make the best decision for you, no matter what that may be.)


If you’re a no.

Totally fine! I’m just glad we were able to bring you some decision clarity :-) That’s a “win” in my book.


Oh, and one last thing. Beware of the “it’s the wrong time” excuse when you’re making any decision. The truth is, when we really want and value something, we make the time and fit it into our schedule. And, it always works out.


We have busy lives, and there is always something that is going on. (That’s just how it goes for entrepreneurs!) BCA is not designed to be another “to-do” on your long list. It’s designed to move you and your business forward in a real, strategic way. All the lessons and action sheets were created with care to deliver you the biggest possible results while making it the most easeful, enjoyable experience possible.


Yes, it will be work. Yes, it will expand you beyond your comfort zone. But, NO ONE reaches their full potential or harnesses the lasting power of Business Clarity by remaining in their comfort zone. (But you already knew that, didn’t you?!)


It’s time to decide.


P.S. Enrollment for Business Clarity Accelerator closes tomorrow. These are your final hours to join the remarkable women already enrolled in the program and to get on track to achieve accelerated Business Clarity.