well-designed living

me : )

as part of jess' design your life series, i wanted to do my own DIY design your life post.  her blog, makeunder my life, is about designing a (fabulous) life with intention, purpose and passion.  so, though i may not get it right all the time, i thought i'd like to share how i (attempt to) live a well-designed life...

1. stay strong.  when i first started exercising regularly 5 years ago, it felt like torture to drag myself out of bed (earlier than usual) to fit in a 15-20 minute workout.  but now, i'm so happy that i stuck with it.  in "pushing beyond the pain" i found that i really like moving my body.  i like feeling strong and fit and flexible.  it makes me walk with confidence and stand up a bit straighter.  now, believe me, i don't pop out of bed anxious and excited to workout everyday, but i always feel better for doing it.  and with small steps, i eventually (5 years later) have built up to 60 min, 5 days a week.  i encourage you all to find the beauty of connection through working (with) your body.  (my recommendation?  try yoga.  it's fabulous for both body & soul.)

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2. everything in moderation...including moderation.  (i think mae west was the first to say that, so i can't take the credit.)  i eat healthy, wholesome foods at least 80% of the time.  the 20% is reserved for dinners out, drinks with friends and dessert.  i've finally learned that deprivation has no place in a healthy diet and that all things...yes, that's right all things, including chocolate and fried food and mac n' cheese and pancakes...can be enjoyed (from time to time).

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3. happy hour is what life is all about.  ok, let me explain.  life is about the small moments.  not just the big ones.  take the time to enjoy and appreciate your life where you are right now.  don't wait for the weekend or for when your "to-do" list is done or for when you lose 10lbs, because there is always an errand to run or something else that "should" take priority.  make it a habit to give yourself a break and enjoy the here and now (with a $5 cosmo in hand : )
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4. follow your bliss.  this point i cannot stress enough.  life really isn't just about finding a (tolerable) job in order to make money (though money does have its perks), it's about finding something you love to do.  the money will come.  trust me.  if you create a career around what you love, you'll be wonderful at it, and it will feel a lot less like work.  trust your gut, have faith in your abilities and craft a life around your true passions and what you're truly good at, and the right path will unfold before you.  it's magical.

5. learn to love yourself.  this is not always easy...especially for us girls.  but it's worth working toward.  if you learn to love and appreciate yourself, life gets much simpler, because you're working with yourself, instead of standing in your own way.  take it one step at a time.  treat yourself well.  feed yourself wholesome food...80% of the time.  and move your body a bit.  it'll thank you for it, and you'll begin to see the beauty that was always there.  (and don't beat yourself up when you enjoy a piece of cheesecake or one too many glasses of wine.  life isn't supposed to be so damn serious : )

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well ladies, i believe that's enough wisdom rambling for one day.  and remember, design your life just for you.  no one else.