Confession #007: "My first year in business was a disaster!" with Jamie Molnar

My first year in business was a disaster!
— Jamie Molnar

Jamie is a talented coach who helps high-achieving women balance their lives so that they can be more productive. She teaches them how to break free of stress, overwhelm, and negativity so that they can reconnect with the radiant bliss from within and create the beautiful, balanced, blissful life that they deserve.

We had a fantastic time chatting during her Clarity Confession, and there is so much good stuff that you’ll take away from her interview.


When you listen to Jamie’s Clarity Confession, you’ll learn...

  • Why selling is helping (and how to starting believing that!)
  • The importance of Business Clarity and how to find it
  • Why you need self-care for your business (and yourself!)
  • The importance of “pleasant persistence”
  • What her first year in business really looked like

Head over to to connect with Jamie, and grab some of her all-time favorite resources.