Confession #008: "I went from welfare to millionaire!" with Kimra Luna

The Clarity Confessions with Cailen Ascher featuring Kimra Luna
I went from welfare to millionaire!
— Kimra Luna

With her bright blue hair and punk rock style, Kimra Luna is probably the last person you’d expect to have become a millionaire, or to be profiled in The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Yahoo! or

In a modern day “rags to riches” story, 30-year-old mother-of-three Kimra went from growing up on welfare to becoming a highly-sought after personal branding and social media expert -- earning over a million dollars in her first 18 months in business. She now leads a community of over 90,000 entrepreneurs.

Since starting her business in May 2014, she has been interviewed by some of the biggest names in the online business world including Gary Vaynerchuk, Pat Flynn and Lewis Howes. She speaks on topics such as social media marketing, personal branding, and how to create customers and clients that are raving fans.

Listen to Kimra's Clarity Confession to learn:

  • How she made $100k in her first year of business at the age of eighteen (and what she spent it on)
  • The importance of following your instinct and making decisions in your business (and life!) on your own terms
  • How one lightbulb moment led to a complete overhaul of her business
  • Why you shouldn't hold anything back when providing free, valuable content to your audience.

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