Confession #009: "Personal transformation led me to start this business - I struggled with my weight my entire life!" with Nagina Abdullah

Personal transformation led me to start this business - I struggled with my weight my entire life!
— Nagina Abdullah, founder of and creator of "Spice Yourself Skinny"

Nagina Abdullah is the founder of and creator of the weight-loss program "Spice Yourself Skinny". Through her programs and her coaching, Nagina helps women lose weight without feeling deprived.

Nagina’s entrepreneurial path started with a personal transformation. After losing 40 pounds while maintaining a demanding career and after having two kids, women around her began to ask for recipes and advice on how to get the same results. But, she found that they were having trouble making changes to their behavior. By learning about the psychology of behavior, she has been able to help other women make positive behavioral changes to experience similar results.


Tune into Nagina’s Clarity Confession to learn…

  • How to get your clients to use your advice and see results
  • Why confidence in yourself is the first step to building a thriving business
  • The importance of self-care and tips for making time for yourself
  • How mindset practices can help to shift your business from amateur to pro
  • Tips for reverse-engineering your goals so you can actually achieve them

After you listen to Nagina’s honest and inspiring Clarity Confession, you can connect with her further at

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