Are you ready to make 6-figures?! [special FREE event!]

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Are you ready to make 6-figures?!

I remember how it felt when I was on the rise to 6-figures back in 2015. I was so excited, I could feel big things were coming, but I also knew that I needed to focus all that big energy in order to succeed.

I needed a clear plan, steady focus and high-vibe support to get me to 6-figures.

So, I invested in a mentor and participated in a mastermind for women who were on the rise, too. I knew that having their support would help me remain steadfast and hit my goal.

And, I was right!

Within 2 months of investing with my first coach, I had a $32,000 launch and went on to cross the 6-figure mark 8 months later!!!

A mentor and mastermind were exactly what I needed to hit my 6-figure goal, and my business has continued to grow every year since!

If you can feel you’re ready to rise to 6-figures, I have a very special event I want to invite you to...

On Tuesday, May 21st at 3pm ET, I’m hosting a special Six-Figures Made Simple™ Open House in our 3-Day Workweek Facebook Group.

This event is a particularly well-suited for women who are…

  • Making money in their business right now (but not as much as you’d like)

  • Ready to rise to the 6-figure level THIS YEAR

  • Want the strategies + support to uplevel big time

  • Want to be in a community of women who are ready to create success on their terms

If that’s you, I would LOVE to see you at the Six-Figures Made Simple™ Open House later this month.

I’m going to be giving you an inside look at my business and sharing my favorite strategies for working less + making more on your path to 6-figures.

Click here to RSVP + join our private Facebook Group (where the Open House will be held).

My goal for this event is that you’ll walk away feeling truly empowered and knowing the next steps you need to take to grow your business to the 6-figure level!

Hope to see you there!

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P.S. This event is completely free and designed to give you a taste of the support and coaching that I offer inside my Six-Figures Made Simple Mastermind™. If you’ve been curious about the mastermind or working with me, this event will be very useful to you! RSVP to the Open House here :-)

P.P.S. Psst...if you want a PROVEN SYSTEM to rise to the 6-figure level THIS YEAR, that’s precisely what I cover inside my Six-Figures Made Simple Mastermind™. Learn more here.