Why you need to raise your prices...

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I have something I need to get off my chest.

You are probably undercharging for your precious time and talent, and you need to consider raising your prices!

Here’s my reasoning…

If you want to attract amazing, high-end clients into your business, you need to have a simple + elegant high-ticket offer for them.

What exactly is a “high-ticket offer”?

It’s a premium package that includes 1x1 access to you, helps them solve their biggest problem and is a high-ticket price.

Now, this isn’t about charging a lot of money for no good reason, a high-ticket offer is intentional in its structure and pricing.

The reason a premium price point is essential if you want to work with amazing, high-end clients is because investing top dollar holds people accountable!

Think about your own tendencies -- if you get something for free or really cheap do you value it as much as something you saved up for or invested a lot of money in? Probably not! (I know that I don’t.)

Same deal here.

High-ticket prices attract high-end clients because high-end clients INVEST in themselves and then SHOW-UP for the work. Those are the people you want to work! They get great results, you get the do work you love with someone who is open and willing to do what it takes to get a transformation! It’s a beautiful win-win :-)

If you’re feeling a little freaked out by this conversation, I’ve got some tips for you to make the transition to charging more comfortable for you.

  1. Create an “I’m worth it!” list.

    • Write down everything you’ve invested in, learned, experienced, trained in, studied or completed that has helped you get to where you are now. What schooling did you go through, what life experiences did you have, what trainings have you invested in, what coaches have you worked with, what personal development have you done? Write it ALL down. Now consider all the dollars $$$ and hours you invested in yourself to get to where you are now. (See! You’re totally worth premium prices!)

  2. Use the Goldilocks Method

    • to land on perfect pricing for your packages. Take a few deeps breaths and think about your signature offer. Then ask yourself, “What price feels way too low?” See what number comes to you. Write it down. Then ask, “What price feels way too high?” Again, see what comes. Write it down. Then ask, “What price feels just right?” Let your intuition guide you to a feel-good premium price on the leading edge of your comfort zone.

  3. Work on your Money Mindset!

    • It’s my belief that we are all constantly expanding and growing, so our work is never done. (And that’s a good thing!) Even if you’ve done money mindset work in the past, consider playing with it again. Return to books, meditations, practices, tools and teachers that worked for you in the past. And, if you’re totally green to Money Mindset work, start with awareness. Start noticing what you’re saying to yourself about money on a daily basis and shine some light on your current habits and beliefs. That’s the starting point of all change.

  4. Join me tomorrow :-)

    • Tomorrow from 9:30am-12pm ET, I’m hosting my “60 Days to SOLD OUT!” virtual workshop, and I would love to have you join me and the intimate group of women who are already attending. During the workshop, we’re going to (1) Refine your premium offer, (2) Uplevel your Money Mindset (so you can start owning your worth and charging premium prices!), (3) Create a personalized plan to fill your high-end package within 60 days, and (4) Learn a rinse-and-repeat system for creating on-demand income and selling your high-ticket offers with ease! Click here to purchase one of the final tickets.

One last thing…

You are totally worth it. Seriously, you are.

P.S. Time is running out to join the “60 Days to SOLD OUT!” virtual workshop tomorrow. Grab one of the final tickets here.

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