The BEFORE & AFTER of my 3-Day Workweek

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I was an entrepreneur for 7 years before I implemented a 3-day workweek. During those years I worked a typical 40ish hour week and made a part-time income, anywhere from $18,000 to $25,000 a year.

Then I found out I was pregnant with our first daughter (surprise!), and I immediately realized that I didn’t want to be working all those hours for so little money...and I honestly questioned whether I wanted to keep running my business at all. 

I remember thinking, “If I can’t figure out a way to make this work better for me and my family, I should just give up and be a full-time mom to our baby girl!”

After taking off a few months after her birth to think things over, I came to decision to give it one final go. I was able to find childcare (thank you Mom and Hannah!) for 3 days -- Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays -- and I liked that I would have 4 non-working days with my family. 

It felt like the right work-life balance, but now the question was…

Could I make the same money I was making before working just 20 hours a week?

The short answer is NO. I made more. Way more. Not immediately, but as I found my groove I made more in less than 6 months than I did the whole previous year. And, by the next year I had my first 5-figure month which led to my first 6-figure year. (Yes! While working just 3-days a week!)


After living a 3-day workweek for the last 3 years, I’ve come to truly understand what took place. I went from having no structure around my working hours and therefore my schedule, productivity and focus were lacking structure too. When I gave myself a clear container to fit my business into, I maximized my efficiency, found my flow because I wasn’t burning out and ultimately started acting like the CEO of my business instead of an entrepreneurial hobbyist.

It wasn’t magic -- but it kinda felt like it :-)

My life and business are what they are today because of my 3-day workweek. Now after living it and enjoying it for 3 years, I feel ready to teach you how to create your own ideal workweek so that you can capitalize on the 3-Day Workweek principles I’ve uncovered.

I would be completely honored and delighted to have you join me for this inaugural round of 3-Day Workweek.

I’m limiting the group to just 25 women (only 14 spots are left as of today) because I want to get to know each and every one of you and make sure that you step away from this program with a clear framework for working LESS and making MORE.

Before I wrap this up, here are a few important things to remember…

  • The Extended Payment Plan (the most affordable way to experience 3-Day Workweek) expires tomorrow night!
  • I’m capping the group at 25, and 11 spots are already filled.
  • We’ll have 4 group coaching calls so you can receive personalized support from me to ensure your success in the program.
  • You get LIFETIME access when you enroll, and all the suggestions and feedback you provide for this pilot round will be used to improve the program in the future (and you can come back again anytime you’re ready to make a lifestyle upgrade!)

Check out all the program details here. It’s a really gorgeous program page -- and definitely worth a visit :-)

I believe in this program so freakin’ much!!! I cannot wait to share it with you!

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