Confession #045: "Flying my 'freak flag' is the key to my success!" with Jenny Fenig

The Clarity Confessions with Cailen Ascher - Jenny Fenig

I am so excited to introduce you to my wonderful friend Jenny Fenig in today's Clarity Confession! Jenny is an award-winning coach and entrepreneur, best-selling author, spiritual brand strategist, yogi, wife, and mother. Her bestselling book is Get Gutsy: A Sacred, Fearless Guide for Finding Your Soul’s Calling and Living Your Dream. and you can also find her hosting the Get Gutsy Podcast.

During this interview we trace her journey from moving to New York to pursue a career in public relations, landing in the "conference production" industry after a move to Massachusetts, and deciding to make a major career shift to coaching in 2008. Jenny is truly inspiring, and this episode of The Clarity Confessions will help you to learn to let your own "freak flag" fly!


Check out Jenny's Clarity Confession to learn…

  • The winding path that brought Jenny to her current career as a coach
  • How Yoga Teacher Training served as a catalyst for success and influenced Jenny's entrepreneurial journey
  • Her biggest self-care secrets (which may surprise you!)
  • What her day-to-day schedule looks like (and how she manages to fit everything in!)