Dose of Clarity: How I overcame 3-day workweek guilt...

One of the things that comes up over and over again when women consider working LESS is guilt.

“I should be giving this business my all!”
“I should be busting my butt to make this work.”
“I should be hustling 24/7 otherwise this won’t take off!”

I feel ya. Before I had my kiddos, I felt totally guilty giving myself time to attend a yoga class, have a lunch date with a girlfriend, take an afternoon walk or sometimes even just shower!

In today’s Dose of Clarity episode, I’m sharing…

  • The big, bad F-word related to guilt
  • A powerful reframe when you’re feeling guilty
  • One word you need to start using TODAY to release guilt once and for all
  • A key thing to remember when guilt rears its ugly head

P.S. Don’t worry, The Clarity Confessions aren’t going anywhere! I’ll still be bringing you amazing interviews every other week, but these Dose of Clarity episodes will give you a chance to learn more about my personal (never-ending) journey towards Clarity :-)

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