Design Your Life Conversation Starters [free PDF download]

The 3-Day Workweek with Cailen Ascher - Design Your Life Conversation Starters

One of the things I love most about my husband is that he is always ready to talk about our dreams, desires, goals, visions and BIG aspirations. In fact, the bigger the better!

Even when we were newly dating in our early 20s, we would talk about the plans we had for our lives without any embarrassment or reservations! And, to this day, we regularly talk about our future plans as a “sure thing” -- whether it be the gorgeous house we design and build, the multi-million dollar business I’m running, the 2 (or 3!) vacation homes we love and enjoy with our daughters, family and friends or my NY Times Bestselling book(s)! Nothing is off limits!!! And we talk about all those things as if they already exist :-)

I truly believe I would not be where I am today -- working 3 days a week, bringing in 6-figures a year, and growing an amazing community of women (we’re over 7,100 women strong!!!) who I fall more in love with every day! -- without the ability to voice my dreams in a safe space where they are appreciated, nurtured and encouraged, never judged. 

I also realize that not everyone has an outlet like what I’ve described, so I thought it would be helpful and fun to create Design Your Life Conversation Starters for you to enjoy with your partner, friends, family, kids or other members of our Facebook Group so that you, too, can benefit from having e x p a n s i v e conversations on the regular.

Listen to this podcast episode:


Grab your Design Your Life Conversation Starters below, and then get talking!

And, if you don’t feel you have anyone in your life who would be open to talking -- you’re wrong! I am!!! Join me and the other outstanding ladies in our private Facebook Group, and we’ll happily talk about your biggest dreams with you :-)

P.S. The brand new Design Your Life Challenge is coming!!! If you’re ready for 5 days of inspired action steps to uplevel your wealth, health and relationships. Click HERE to let me know you’re in!


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