How I organize my business (and life)!

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Tis the season for spring cleaning! 

I’ve been feeling the itch for weeks now to clean out the pantry, the junk drawers, the girls’ play area (yikes!), my closet and my business to get myself more streamlined and organized. 

Because, let’s face it, organization feels oh-so-good.

With that in mind, I thought it might be helpful if I gave you a look at how I organize the back-end of my business in order to consistently create new offers, projects, blog posts, podcasts, you name it, while working just 3 days a week. 

When it comes to organization in my biz, I have two words for you…

Google Drive. 

My entire business (and life!) are housed on it, and I am the queen of folders with sub-folders with sub-folders. Seriously, it’s like a hall of mirrors in there!

In fact, the start of just about any new idea -- whether it be the inception of Design Your Life School or my daughter's 1st birthday party -- begins with a fresh Google Doc.

Here’s exactly how it goes down…

  1. Brain Dump -- I write down anything and everything that’s been swimming in my head related to the new idea. I get it all down. The great ideas, the wacky ones, the ones that will later be scratched. They’re all there in one Google Doc. (Usually then I decide a single Google Doc doesn’t feel “important enough” for said idea, so I then create a Folder for that new idea in which the Doc I just created can safely live.)
  2. Let It Marinate -- That might be all I do for a few days or weeks (sometimes even months) until I feel the time is ready and ripe for the next phase. And, that next phase is…
  3. Create a To-Do List -- In that very same folder I create a 2nd Doc -- the to-do list. I write down all the action steps I can imagine related to the new idea. Let’s say I’m dreaming up a new 5-day challenge for my community, on the “To-Do” Doc, I’ll list every single action step I can think of from creating an outline of the challenge to writing promo emails to contacting my Facebook ads manager to run ads to composing the daily challenge emails to recording the challenge audios or videos… (you get the idea!)
  4. Design Your Timeline -- Next, that “To-Do” Doc is then morphed into a timeline. You can do this in the same Google Doc by adding due dates or create a new Doc depending on how your brain works. In order to figure out the right timeline, it’s best to consult your calendar. Look ahead at when you’d like to deliver that idea and work backwards. Be sure to take into account holidays, travel and over-ambition. Give yourself enough time and space to get it all done while also not dragging it out too long and killing momentum. Intuitively you’ll know the sweet spot. Then, add due dates next to each and every action item on the “To-Do” list -- and the more specific the task the better. “Write all promo emails” is not as clear and effective as “Write promo emails 1 + 2” with a due date next to it and so on.
  5. Get Started! -- Now that you have your clear To-Do List and Timeline, you’re ready to get started. Too many of try to start here (at step 5) with immediately getting started only to wonder why we lose focus, burn out, feel overwhelmed or run out of steam. If you instead pre-plan for success, you’re setting yourself and your idea up to win!

I sincerely hope this deep-dive into my compulsive organization was helpful and not scary! And please don’t think this is the ONLY way to do this. But if what I shared, or even a small piece of it, is useful to you, my mission is complete. Now, I can cross that off my to-do list :-)

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering -- yes, this email copy is being written on a Google Doc housed inside a sub-folder of a sub-folder!)

P.S. Next month I’m going to be running a brand new Design Your Life Challenge. It’s in the works now, but if you’re ready for 5 days of inspired action steps to uplevel your wealth, health and relationships, click HERE to let me know you’re in!

P.P.S. When all is said and done. This is what it looks like...

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Cailen Ascher - How I Organize My Business - Example 02.png

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