How to Not Get Screwed in Business with Devon Smiley

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When you think of the word “negotiations”, what comes to mind? For me, I used to think that the word was more masculine, and had negative connotations. But that was before my conversation with Devon Smiley, a negotiation consultant for start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and corporations.

As a negotiation consultant, Devon helps her clients “not get screwed” by helping them to figure out what they truly want and then calmly and confidently ask for it. During our interview, we explore Devon’s journey from the corporate world to running her own business, and she shares some great tips for honing your negotiation skills. 

Listen to my interview with Devon to learn:

  • The super simple change she made after a rough first 6 months in business that changed everything
  • What to do if you don’t feel like the deal is a 100% “Heck Yeah!”
  • The key words to eliminate from your vocabulary and the language to incorporate instead
  • A mindset hack to get you over your fear of asking for what you truly want

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