How to Create Your Own 3-Day Workweek

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One of the things I absolutely love doing at the beginning of the year is setting up my schedule. There’s something about getting my hands into my calendar, organizing it and streamlining it that just makes me happy :-)

I recently updated my 3-Day Workweek Model Calendar, and I wanted to share the newest version with you. Hopefully it’ll give you some great ideas that will help you set yourself up for working less, making more and living better in 2019.

As you’ll see, I’ve split my Model Calendar into an A Week and a B Week. On my A Week I have all my client calls, which leaves my B Week very open for BIG picture projects :-)


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If seeing this is inspiring you to create your own Model Calendar, I’ve got something to help you with that!

I’ve packaged up the most popular module of my 3-Day Workweek Program into a bite-sized training that will guide you in creating your very own Model Calendar.

The Model Calendar lesson shares my signature process for creating an ideal workweek that has enabled me to grow a 6-figure business working just 3 days a week. (In 2018 I cut back my hours from 20+ to around 15-18 hrs/week and increased revenue by 50% thanks to a solid Model Calendar!)

That’s the power of a solid schedule that serves you, your life and your business!

Inside the Model Calendar Lesson you will...

  • Create your perfect-for-you Model Calendar

  • Prioritize your Ideal Lifestyle + reflect it in your Model Calendar

  • Find and make the Upgrades necessary to live your Model Calendar

  • Discover what to put on your Model Calendar

  • See what I put on my Model Calendar

  • Learn the invaluable concept of Real Time vs. Ideal Time

If you are so ready to stop spinning your wheels and losing your valuable time to who-knows-what, the Model Calendar Lesson will be a life + business game changer!

Click here to purchase the Model Calendar Lesson for 50% off, and get your 3-day workweek on!

P.S. This special offer is only available until end-of-day tomorrow. So, if this is something you know will help you and your business, venture over here and get the Model Calendar Lesson ASAP!

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