Fall back in LOVE with your dream

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We initially fall in love with our dream fast and hard <3

We imagine a gorgeous life with an abundance of time and money. Our business is impacting the world in a big way. We’re happy, satisfied, fulfilled. Our clients our singing our praises, and we’re regularly handed amazing opportunities like book deals, speaking gigs and media appearances. Our lifestyle includes self-care and vacations and family time. Our bank account is increasing exponentially. We do yoga every day with perfectly manicured nails. We’re awesome and fearless and have shed all of our negative habits. It’s glorious!

The dream is big, bold and beautiful. We adore it.

:: Fast forward a couple months ::

The honeymoon has ended, we’ve started taking action, and suddenly things don’t feel as shiny and fun anymore. The work feels hard. No one seems interested. Everything is uphill.

We start threatening our dream.

If you don’t make me money within 6 months, I’m giving up on you.
If you don’t get me a client this week, I’m done!

We find ourselves criticizing and blaming it on the daily.

Why aren’t you happening more quickly/enjoyably/easily?
Why isn’t the money showing up?
Where are my clients?
Why is this so hard?
Am I following the wrong dream?


As quickly as we fell in love with our dream, we fall out of love with it and start doubting that it will ever come to be.

But here’s the real deal...

Your dream doesn’t owe you anything!

Your dream is a gift. A little divine spark just for you, and the more you huff and puff that it’s “not working” the more likely you are to blow it out.

Your dream is a north star meant to guide you on your journey of life; inviting you to explore, imagine, discover and have some darn fun, too! Stop thinking of the dream as a “destination” that you must get to (and fast!), and instead let it inspire your every step.

Your dream is precious and unique. No one else has the exact dream that you have. No one else wants exactly what you want. No one else can offer what you can. Your dream is meant for you!!! Don’t squander that with doubt and worry. Show up for it. Honor it.

Your dream is perfect. There’s no need to question it, downgrade it, or step away from it. Remove the pressure and the timeline. It’s perfect just as it is -- and so are you <3

So, if by any chance you and your dream have had a bit of a falling out, here’s my advice. Ask yourself this one simple question every day when you wake up:

How can I collaborate with my dream today?

And see what the immediate answer or intuitive nudge is -- and TRUST it.

Our dreams want to be a collaborative partner, but the more we place all the responsibility (and blame) on them, the more we stifle their power and potential.

Instead, let’s consider how we can show up for our dreams...

Who do I need to be?
What do I need to do?
What small, simple, fun step can I take to collaborate with my dream today?

Now, go do it!

And after you do, share with me and the entire 3-Day Workweek community inside the Facebook Group what you did you #CollaborateWithYourDream today!

P.S. Not even sure what your dream is anymore? I’ve got a beautiful (and fun!) solution for you. My Vivid Vision Planbook will help you define your big vision for your life and business AND map out clear action steps to move you forward right now. Check it out here.

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