The Secret to Getting Anything You Desire

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I want to demystify something today, and it’s a doozy…

The process of manifesting ANYTHING you desire.

But before we dive into that, I want to first address something.

To me, there seem to be two divergent schools of thought that preach how to get what you want:

  1. One says manifesting what you desire is all about energy and alignment and trusting the flow of life and being unattached to outcomes. Soft. Feminine. Woowoo.

  2. And one that says getting what you want is all about hustling, putting in your time, working longer/better/harder than anyone else to rise to the top and succeed. Hard. Masculine. All strategy no heart.

Neither of these two schools of thought is inherently bad, and honestly I love elements of both. They are just incomplete.

If you’re all flowy with no action, there’s no momentum.
If you’re all hustle with no alignment, you hit wall after wall and burn yourself out.

So, then, what is the answer?


The truth as I’ve come to understand it and experience it in my 10+ years of entrepreneurship is this…

Creating/Getting/Manifesting (you pick your favorite word!) what you want is 50% mindset, energy & getting in alignment AND 50% action.

But, not just any action -- inspired action.

Inspired action is the natural extension of energetic alignment. We first must think and feel and believe ourselves into a really good place then take feel-good action. That’s when the magic happens.

We tend to skew to one side or the other. Toward the feminine or the masculine. We either default to hustle, or we default to hoping that our positive vibes alone will get us there.

For the first 7 or so years of my business I was majorly in hustle/masculine mode. I would push forward even when major resistance slowed things to a snail’s pace. I would try to force things, control outcomes, and manipulate the future. This was totally exhausting and didn’t work very well. (My bank account was a testament to that…)

It wasn’t until I began to work on my mindset, trust more and welcome a bit more “feminine” in my approach to business (and life for that matter) that things really began to shift and flow. I was more balanced, more effective and positioned to succeed in a sustainable way.

So where to from here?

Awareness is always the first step toward transformation.

Begin to notice where you are on the spectrum and aim for a more balanced approach. Even it’s just a subtle 5% shift. Start small and grow from there.

When you do find that sweet spot of alignment + inspired action that is when it gets really, really good.

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