A Look Inside My 3-Day Workweek



In celebration of October being 3-Day Workweek Month, I'm bringing back a crowd favorite from the 3-Day Workweek Podcast archive. This episode was recorded back before the podcast was even on iTunes (!!) , when my daughters were much younger, and when I was still dreaming up the details of what would eventually become my Six-Figures Made Simple™ Mastermind.

Listen to this classic episode where I take the hot seat and dive into:

  • How my 3 day workweek actually works and what it really looks like

  • How I organize my schedule as a mom of 2 little girls

  • The difference in my life and business before my 3 day workweek and after

  • How I’m able to run a successful, 6-figure business working less than 20 hours a week

  • The movement I starting and how YOU can be a part of it :-)

So, I shared all of that and more on today’s show!

If you’re curious about any of that (or the laundry list of entrepreneurial endeavors I dipped my toes into prior to the work I do now!), check out today’s episode.

Cailen Ascher - Clarity Confessions Podcast - Show Notes.png
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