I did all this for my family this year! #grateful

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As I was writing the list below, I was overwhelmed by deep gratitude.

I feel so immensely blessed to have the opportunity to do work I love serving amazing women like YOU and make a beautiful living doing it.

My 3-day workweek is the BEST DECISION I ever made for myself and my family, and it has enabled me to expand personally and professionally in ways that I would not have been able to imagine previously.

With the hope of inspiring you to go after your limitless life, I wanted to share something with you…

Below is a gratitude list of all the things I’ve been able to do for my family (and myself) in the last year thanks to my business and my 3-day workweek:

  • I enjoy 4-day weekends with my girls and husband (every single week!!!)

  • I’m taking off 3 weeks for Christmas and New Year’s

  • I have a flexible schedule so I can be a present mama at school events

  • I bought us a VACATION HOME!!!

  • I invested in a $25K mastermind to learn how to scale to 7-figures

  • I took off almost all of August for summer fun with my family

  • I bought a car for my parents

  • I’m treating my entire family to a Christmas weekend at our favorite, luxurious hotel

  • We get organic groceries delivered to our home each week

  • We have a house cleaner

  • I have an amazing Online Business Manager who runs my business for me so I can focus on doing the stuff I enjoy most (like writing these notes to you!)

  • I have a Facebook Ads manager and a Community Manager on my team

  • I bought my girls a new swing set

  • We spent a week at our favorite beach over the summer

  • We spent a week at our favorite lake over the summer

  • I attended 3 business retreats with kickass women in business in gorgeous locales across the country

  • I donate money every month to my favorite charity (charity: water in case you’re curious)

  • I hosted 2 classy business retreats for my mastermind ladies (and fed them really well!)

  • I go on regular date nights with my husband (and lunch dates and coffee dates too!)

  • I invest in software, automations, tools, programs and mentors that streamline my business and eliminate obstacles 

  • We send our girls to a private school

  • I get to give meaningful presents to the people I love like custom artwork, self-care splurges and cars!!!

  • I enjoy monthly massages

  • I have the time and energy to do stuff for my girls like planning their birthday parties or making pancakes on a weekday morning

  • I get to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be because I’m not chronically stressed by work or money

  • I know that I’m setting a great example for our girls of what success really looks like

  • I know that I am contributing in a BIG way to making our life the best it can possibly be

I am so in love with my life and my business, and I want nothing more than for YOU to feel the same way.

Just by reading this and being a part of this community, you are already well along your way. That’s where it starts -- making your business a clear priority (while also not letting it take over your life!).

If you’re ready for your own gratitude list like the one above, I would love to help you get there. Right now, my Six-Figures Made Simple Mastermind is open for enrollment, and I’m inviting in women who are primed and ready to scale to 6-figures in 2020. If that’s you, click here to book a call.

If you’ve been waiting for the “sign” to invest in yourself, here it is: If there is even ONE THING on that list above that you want and don’t currently have, working with someone who already has it is the best way I know to get it :-)

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