Create an Epic Life + Business with Laura Wright

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You are in such a treat today! My dear friend Laura Wright is a powerhouse when it comes to sales. We’ve known each other for years, so this episode features lots of giggling and a real, honest conversation between friends.

Laura is a Master Coach and the founder of EPIC at Sales where she helps businesses increase their close rate, up their income, and expand their impact. With over two decades in sales, Laura has helped many different types of businesses grow and prosper. To be more specific, she’s helped 4,800 artists sell tens of thousands worth of work, selling and filling multi-million dollar events, turning over 6-figure profits on repeat in real estate, and more recently growing her clients’ businesses from $250K in revenue to over $1.2 million in approximately 2 years. YES, if there’s a sale, Laura Wright can close it.

Listen to my interview with Laura to learn…

  • Why she left her corporate job in 2001 to start her third, and current, business

  • How Laura structures her day-to-day schedule for maximum results

  • The importance of selling + how to rethink the concept of “sales”

  • Actionable tips for feeling confident on sales calls!

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