From Money Blocks to $500K a Year with Josee-Anne

The 3-Day Workweek Podcast with Cailen Ascher - 2018-12-12 - From Money Blocks to $500K a Year with Josee-Anne.png

I am so excited to introduce you to an amazing friend (and past client) of mine, Josee-Anne Sarazin-Cote. She is a prolific lifestyle blogger, author, speaker, podcast host, and all around inspiration. Josee-Anne completely transformed her mindset and business to allow her to go from working 75+ hours a week and making very little money to hosting sold-out events and retreats all around the world. She is now working around 20 hours per week and is on track to bring in half a million in revenue this year!

We dive into some powerful topics today, including...

  • What is takes to persevere during those early years when you’re working long hours and not making much money, and what kept Josee-Anne going during that time.

  • The powerful shift that helped her transition and prioritize in a totally different way

  • Helpful advice about how to find direction and clarity around the answers you’re seeking in life and business

This episode is especially helpful if you’re in the beginning phases of your business and need some encouragement to keep on working towards your goals.




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