“The more I niched down, the better business got!” with Missy Kai

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I am so excited to have Missy Kai joining me this week on the 3-Day Workweek Podcast. Missy is an awesome past client and dear friend who is totally rocking it in her business. She helps busy, active professionals to improve mobility, relieve pain, and reduce stress. Specifically she specializes in creating personalized treatment plans, based on holistic yoga and bodywork therapies for healing mind-body-spirit.

Missy has several certifications and over 2000+ hours of combined therapeutic training and experience in yoga, breathwork, meditation, Ayurveda, functional range conditioning, massage, nutrition, and anatomy. Since founding Missy Kai Yoga in 2017, she has served thousands of students, who love her systematic yet intuitive approach to treatment. Her offerings include private sessions (both in-person and globally online), group classes, workshops, special events, online courses, and mentorships for other yoga teachers. In her free time, Missy likes to relax, play drums, and do acro yoga on the beach with her friends.

Missy has taken a really interesting approach to finding her ideal client, and how she works with them once. You’ll get a glimpse at how was able to niche down in a way that has allowed her business to skyrocket, especially in a such a crowded industry like yoga. She also gives some great advice for anyone who is feeling like the industry they are in is too crowded.

Listen to my interview with Missy to learn…

  • how her business really grew (and continues to grow) from her own inner work

  • why meditation is one of her daily non-negotiables

  • the systematic approach she used to build her business

  • her advice for beginners and those in a crowded market




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