Stop Pushing + Start Receiving :-)

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I hope you are thoroughly enjoying this holiday week and are giving yourself time to relax and reflect before the new year arrives.

One of the things I have been exploring as I set my intentions for 2019 is how can I set myself up to push less and receive more.

It’s an interesting thing to think about considering most of my life was about achieving -- getting straight As, making the Varsity tennis team, getting into a “good” college, running a successful business (must achieve 6-figures!) and ultimately trying to be the best at everything.

That was an exhausting way of living. I was short tempered, tired and rigid. I literally couldn’t accept support. I can do it myself -- and better!

Since becoming a mom to two little girls, I’ve been cracked open to a softer, more feminine way of being. A way that feels less structured and more fluid. Less regimented and more trusting. Less pushy and more receptive.

When I focus on what brings me joy and peace and fun, I feel good.

When I focus on achievement and striving and winning, I feel closed off.





I wish it could always be this simple -- focus on what feels good and that’s that -- but because I’m human, I’m reminded on a daily basis of my humanity.

I snap at my girls or my husband.
I spiral with self-doubt when a potential project or client falls through.
I judge myself and my body just because it’s an old habit.

But, I now also have the ability to witness these human moments in a larger context. I’m able to see them as a call to expand -- a chance to shine the light of awareness on an ancient groove that’s no longer serving me so that I can fill it with love.

Every day we have the opportunity to move in one of two directions:

  1. Toward our Truth (our desire, our light, our highest self)

  2. Toward fear (self-doubt, judgment, worry, guilt, lack)

I know which way I want to move. And knowing is the first step. Knowing takes you out of default mode and into the intentional design of your life.

It takes you out of pushing and into receiving.

Here’s the truth…

You’ve got everything you need already within you at this very moment.

So, there is no need to push. Simply open to it. Receive.

May your days be merry and bright, and may you always shine your light :-)

Seem fun + helpful? I hope so!

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