$10 Million in 10 Hours a Week with Leonie Dawson



You are in for such an awesome treat today! I just wrapped an interview with Leonie Dawson. In case you’re unfamiliar with Leonie, she is the CEO of a business coaching and personal development brand who has generated over $10 million in revenue while working just 10 hours a week. She is a true badass who has built a massively successful business in those part-time hours.

To top it all off, she’s also an international best-selling author of books used by over 300,000 people. Leonie has lived location-independent laptop lifestyle for the last 8 years in some of Australia’s most beautiful places. Currently living on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, she’s a wife and mother to two young daughters who describes herself as an artist, author, book-lover + self-proclaimed hippy.

This interview is absolutely full of golden nuggets from Leonie. As a firm believer that “20% of actions produce 80% of results”, she gives us an inside look at what she is focusing on within her business in order to maximize her 10 hour workweek.

Listen to my interview with Leonie to learn…

  • why she adopted a 10 hour workweek from the beginning

  • exactly how she utilizes the 80/20 Rule within her business

  • how she has upleveled her mindset (including her favorite book recommendations)

  • what she’s making space for in the next phase of her business

As you listen to this week’s episode, I would love to hear your takeaways. Post a screenshot of this episode to your Instagram Stories and tag me (@Cailen_Ascher) and Leonie (@leonie_dawson) -- I’ll be reposting and featuring you on my social media channels!

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