What my first 6-figure year looked like…

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I always find transparency super helpful and inspiring, so I’m here today with a look INSIDE the first 6-figure year in my business.

Below you’ll find a month-by-month breakdown of exactly what I was offering, how much of it I sold and how much revenue was generated.

My hope is that you’ll see that you DON’T need to have a ton of different offers or enroll 100s of clients in order to cross the 6-figure mark in sales. You really can make 6-figures working with a handful of clients just 3 days a week.

The year was 2016, and I was dreaming of 6-figures (even though the previous year I had made under $25,000 in my business). But, I was armed with a plan thanks to a hefty investment in my first high-end business coach. I was feeling primed and ready to make this business work!

Here’s how things played out that year…

January 2016

Ran 5-day free “Mindset Reset Challenge” to warm people up

Started having consultation calls with prospective clients

February 2016

Launched coaching 

Enrolled 8 clients for 5 month package -- $32,000 in sales

March 2016

I invested in a group program with a visibility coach ($2000 investment)

April 2016

Created my own small group program, Business Clarity Accelerator

Enrolled 6 women -- $10,000 in sales

May 2016

I attended high-level one-day mastermind in NYC with a top business coach ($3000 investment)

July 2016

Found out I was pregnant with baby #2 (due March 2017)

September 2016

Launched the same small group program again

Enrolled 6 women -- $10,000 in sales

October 2016

Launched coaching again

Raised price, cut coaching package length from 5 months down to 4 months

Enrolled 9 clients -- $54,000 in sales

November 2016

Crossed 6-figure mark in sales!!! ($106,000 to be exact!)

December 2016

Mapped out plan to re-launch group program in January 2017

As you can see, that year I worked with just 17 private clients and had 12 women in my small group program. And, the number was actually even less than that because some of my 1x1 re-upped their contracts with me and some of the group members turned into 1x1 clients. 

In total it took about 24 clients for me to reach the 6-figure level in my business. (While working just 3 DAYS A WEEK!!!)

That’s, on average, just 2 clients a month! You can totally do that, right?! You can definitely find and connect with 2 people a month who would benefit from the work you do. I know that you can.

I think that sometimes we don’t hit the “big numbers” because we’re scared to look at them. We’re scared of what it will take or the sacrifice we’ll have to make, but the truth is when you break it down and map out a plan, it’s not nearly as big and scary as we’re making it out to be.

For me, having the plan in hand that my coach and I mapped out was endlessly helpful to helping me stay on course and hit my 6-figure goal. And, as you can see on the timeline above, I was continually investing in myself and my business all throughout 2016 to ensure that my 6-figure goal would become a reality.

There’s no “one way” to reach 6-figures, but there is a simple way. And that way includes focusing on serving a handful of ideal clients through high-touch, high-tickets offers. That’s what I did and what I continue to do, and my business and revenue have increased every single year since. Plus, this approach enables you to maximize your limited, precious time so you can work flexible, feel-good hours and still reach your big, audacious goals <3

If you’re ready to get your 6-figure plan in place, I would love to offer my guidance + support and teach you my Six-Figures Made Simple™ Framework

You can book a free call with me here, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit to work together.

So, what’s your next move?

I hope that you’re feeling inspired to say YES! to your dreams, and that we’ll be speaking very soon :-)

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