How to Avoid Business Pitfalls with Michelle Warner

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Michelle Warner is an online business growth expert who gets entrepreneurs unstuck and back on track to building the businesses of their dreams. She’s the creator of the Springboard Method: a framework designed to nurture resilient, sustainable, growth-minded companies.

The Springboard Method leverages everything Michelle’s learned over the course of building a multi-million dollar startup in the social venture space along with her current company, and the 20+ years of experience she has working in and around digital marketing.

When Michelle’s not obsessing over your business, you can catch her hiking + swimming with Watson, the world’s best rescue dog and spending time in and around her beloved Lake Michigan.

Tune in to this week’s episode to learn

  • How Michelle founded a tech start-up right out of college

  • The most common pitfalls that affect businesses and how to avoid them

  • An inside look at the simple model that has allowed Michelle to scale her business to 6-figures and beyond.

  • The importance of “listening to your business” and tapping into different parts of your brain to find solutions.

As you listen to this week’s episode, Michelle and I would love to hear your takeaways. Post a screenshot of this episode to your Instagram Stories and tag me (@Cailen_Ascher) and Michelle (@michelle.warner)!

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