The Phases of Business Framework

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Today is my 33rd birthday. Earlier this month I had 333 women move through the Design Your Life Challenge™ with me, and as you know I have a 3-day workweek.

Things are lining up, wouldn’t you say?!

In celebration of today, I wanted to give you something that I hope will be immensely useful to you -- my Phases of Business Framework.





The Phases of Business Framework is a super helpful e-book that breaks down the stages of business growth so that you can clearly understand what phase you are in now and map out a clear plan to move on to the next. The e-book includes an in-depth profile of each phase as well as tips and resources to help you progress on to the next (and better!) phase.

In case you haven’t heard me speak on this topic before, here’s a sneak peek at the framework:

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Seem fun + helpful? I hope so!

What Phase of Business you are in?

For me, knowing which Phase of Business I’m in feels really good and empowering because I’m reminded that it’s just a phase!! And no phase lasts forever -- it’s just a stepping stone on the path to success!

Plus, when you realize what the next phase holds for you, it becomes that much easier to align yourself with it and get there. You’ve got this :-)

Happy day to you!

P.S. If you’re in the Doing Phase and having steady $3K months, I’d love to help you scale to 6-figures in 2019. I’m putting together an intimate, high-level mastermind to help you move from Doing to Flowing. If that sounds like something that would serve you, and you’re ready for this kind of support, let’s chat.

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  • Download your Phases of Business Framework eBook here to find out where you currently are in your business, and create an action plan to move towards the next phase.

  • Want some extra support around moving from Doing to Flowing? Let’s chat about how we can work together in the new high-level mastermind I’m putting together for 2019.

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