The Secret to 6-Figure Success :-)

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I remember back in the early days of my business thinking that there must be a “secret” that 6-figure business owners all understand. Because, at that time, I was struggling to make a part-time income working full-time hours.

And you know what -- I was right!

They did know something that I didn’t...and I’m sharing that secret with you today because I bet you’re wondering the same thing I was.

This secret is so simple that it may seem silly when I share it, but it’s the KEY to reaching the 6-figure level in your business. Believe me -- I know from personal trial and error.

The secret is…

6-figure business owners believe 100% in their dreams.

That’s it. They believe so much in their dreams that they are non-negotiable and therefore inevitable.

If they hit an obstacle or things don’t turn out the way they envisioned, they don’t give up or doubt themselves or sulk. They think: What can I learn from this? What can I do better next time? What is something else I can do to achieve this goal?

Now telling you to believe in yourself and your dreams is one thing.

Giving you the tools to enable that occur is another.

So, I’ve got 2 tools for you that will foster your self-belief and help you create the life of your dreams, and they are available to you right here and right now.

1. Mindset

Your thoughts create your world. So if you’re vibing in a place of self-doubt, worry or lack -- guess what’s going to be showing up for you. More things that confirm those feelings. If instead you make a conscious choice with each passing moment to focus on the good that surrounds you (no matter how small), more good will begin to flow into your experience.

Without your mindset on board, 6-figure success will continue to elude you. (Believe me, I know from personal experience.) Before we can upgrade our finances, we must first upgrade our internal wealth consciousness. Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Replace limiting beliefs with reasons why your dreams are meant to be.

P.S. Your dreams are meant to be, by the way.

2. Community

Your network is your net worth.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

So, what does your community (or lack thereof) say about you?

Are you surrounded by high-vibing, BIG dreamers with gorgeous goals and positive attitudes? Or are you feeling pulled down or judged by the people around?

If you’re looking to up-level your business, your mindset,  your happiness, your wealth, ANYTHING, you need to surround yourself with people who get that and support and love you through the ups and downs. You deserve that! You need that.

When I started my dive deep into mindset work and began to actively seek out (and invest in) the mentors and community support I needed, my revenue 3X from one year to the next.

Yes, you read that right.

In 2015 I brought in just under $30,000 in my business (for the entire year), and the next year I had a $30K launch in February and crossed the 6-figure mark in October.

This is the type of exponential growth that is possible when your mindset and community are both there for you. This is the type of of success you can expect when you believe in your dreams.

And this is what I want to help you create for yourself + your business in the coming year.

I’m putting together a 6 Month Mastermind for women who are ready to drop the hustle mindset and reclaim their time, energy and power so they can sustainably scale to 6-figures while working flexible, part-time hours.

If you’re currently having $3,000 months in your business, and are ready for the support, tools and tribe necessary to breakthrough to your first 6-figure year, this experience is for you.

Inside this mastermind you’ll find…

  • 6 months of support (January to June 2019)

  • 2 live group calls per month

  • Expert trainings

  • 1 in-person retreat in Philadelphia, March 27th-30th, 2019

  • Up to (3) 30min 1x1 sessions with Cailen + 2 private sessions with visiting experts

  • Access to my network of influencers, industry leaders & high-level connections

  • Sisterhood of amazing women who are ready to make an impact

  • EARLY ENROLLMENT BONUS if you enroll by Nov 30th -- 1x1 session with Cailen to be used Fall 2018 [value $500]

The next step?

Simply book a time to chat with me here to ensure this is truly a good fit for you at this time.

If this is feeling right for you, I hope that we’ll be chatting soon <3


P.S. Joining a mastermind is a big step. I get it! I just joined one myself earlier this year. That’s why I’m making myself available to you to chat and answer your Qs so you can make sure this is a good fit. Book a quick call with me here :-)

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