Do THIS to clear your money blocks...for good.

We’ve been talking a lot about finding “Money Clarity” for awhile, but what does that really mean?

Money Clarity means that you have a clear understanding of the way you feel about and interact with money (and how to shift it, if it needs improving), you have an undeniable sense of the value you provide to the world through your work, and you can (perhaps for the first time) see that your potential and abundance is unlimited, and you’re beginning to feel that expansion in a very real way in everything you create, think, say, experience and do in life and business.

Simply put, Money Clarity feels freakin’ awesome. Ready to feel freakin’ awesome? Get Money Clarity NOW before the sale ends tonight!

Here are a few signs that you’re lacking Money Clarity at the moment…

  • You struggle to make money in your business
  • You seem to always attract clients with “money issues” who can’t afford your services
  • You worry about money a lot, and it’s a chronic source of stress for you
  • You often think to yourself “I shouldn’t buy that” or “I can’t afford it”
  • You feel like you’ll never be financially successful
  • You want to do something impactful with your life + business but currently feel stuck and unsure
  • You feel like successful people have something “figured out” that you don’t know (yet)
  • If money were a person, she wouldn’t be your friend or ally.

Ok, so if any of those resonated with you, that’s a GOOD THING! Seriously. It means you’re self-aware, which you’ll see below is a very important step in the Money Clarity journey. 

Here are 3 ways to clear your Money Blocks & align yourself with the Money Clarity you desire…

  1. Bring awareness to them. Until you know what your Money Blocks are, you can’t clear them. This is precisely why Lesson 1 of the Money Clarity self-study program is designed to help you clearly identify your most prevalent money blocks so that we can then address them head-on and eliminate them for good! Ahhh...sweet liberation!
  2. Recognize your worth. Our money blocks are often deeply intertwined with our self-worth. After you bring awareness to your money blocks, the next step is to bolster your Money Confidence. Lesson 2 of Money Clarity helps you do just that. In this lesson, you’ll come to recognize your innate value and effectively offer it and communicate it to the world through your work. This is where your successful business is born.
  3. Make improving your Money Mindset a clear priority. My mom likes to jokingly say, “If you want to keep on getting what you’re getting, keep on doing what you’re doing.” But there’s a real truth in that light-hearted statement -- if you want something to change, you need to put a catalyst in place for that to change to occur. So, if you’re recognizing that your Money Blocks are tripping you up in life and business and keeping you from becoming the abundant, successful, self-assured woman that you know deep-down you’re meant to be, it’s time to make a change and do something about it. You can’t keep on doing what you’re doing now and expect a different result. That never, ever works. Trust me, I’ve tried that route.
“Thanks to Money Clarity, I realized how much my mindset surrounding money was holding me back from charging more, doing more, and essentially making what I was worth. I realize that I not only need to take action in regards to obtaining more clients in order to be successful, but also in charging what is appropriate for my services. Thanks for MC, I’m getting aligned with my truth worth and then taking the necessary steps to implement that pricing structure. Loved this program! It was definitely an area that I needed to dive into!” 

- Emily Socha, Success Coach for Ambitious Introverts


Here’s the truth…

Your time is now, if you want it to be. 

A fulfilling life and successful business on your terms are waiting for you, if you’re ready for them. 

Let’s get started, shall we?


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Please don't miss the chance to move past your Money Blocks for good, and start enjoying success on your terms, once and for all!

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“I now understand and feel aligned with my value and feel truly worthy of the abundance that I desire. Cailen has a way of making the material feel approachable, inviting and doable - she pushed me to explore my mindset, think big, understand my blocks, create tools & practices to help me leave my money blocks behind and get into a money flow & wealth mindset! Money Clarity is a must-have for all entrepreneurs.”

- Hannah Poles, The Baby Maven, Pregnancy Mentor & New Parent Coach