summer in a bottle...i mean blog...

with memorial day just around the corner, summer won’t be far behind.  (thank god.)  so, to get us all in the mood for summertime, summertime, summer, summer, summertime, here’s an outline of some simply fabulous ways to channel warm-weather energy : )

eat this: capitalize on what’s fresh, local and abundant.  fresh berries, juicy tomatoes, sweet corn.  revel in the flavors of summer.  need some inspiration?  check out this killer (healthy) sandwich recipe {here}. 

credit {here}

wear this: cottony summer dresses are my go-to in warm weather.  they’re versatile, chic and simple.  makes getting ready for the day super easy.  and they keep you cool when things heat up  

credit {here}

do this: yoga sun salutations.  warm up your body and get ready for summer sun (and swimsuits).  yoga tones your body, calms your mind and brings you joy – the ultimate trifecta!  (if saluting outside, don’t forget the sunscreen.) don’t know what the heck a sun salutation is?  check it out {here}.

think about this: one who is at peace with herself is in harmony with the universe.  meaning…if you like yourself, good things come your way.  i like that idea : )

drink this: vodka, club & cranberry.  refreshing & summery, this is one of my go-tos in warm weather.  1.5 oz vodka, splash of cranberry, 3 (or so) oz club, squeeze of fresh lime.  sip & smile.  recipe video {here} bonus:  it’s low-calorie and any bartender can make it. 

happy (almost) summer!.