Confession #011: “I made 6-figures in my first 6 months of business” with Jennifer Jayde

I made 6-figures in my first 6 months of business
— Jennifer Jayde, Dream Business Coach

I first met Jen a few years ago at an amazing mastermind event at The Plaza in New York City. We instantly hit it off (as I’m sure you’ll be able to tell from our conversation!), and I knew she would have so much to bring to The Clarity Confessions. 

Jennifer Jayde is an international dream-business coach, speaker and mentor for female entrepreneurs who desire worldwide impact with their purpose-driven business. After a significant loss in her family, she awakened to the fact that life was meant to be lived on our own terms, in alignment with our highest calling. A common thread throughout Jennifer's story is that she consistently followed the familiar "tap on the shoulder" to follow her passion . From a full-time, 100% commission-based mortgage broker at the age of 22 to an esteemed wedding photographer winning regional awards at 26, Jennifer uses her years of business experience to help women around the world find their purpose and live it.

In the first 6 months of her coaching business, Jennifer grew from 0 to 6 figures, is consistently sold out of her 1x1 program, and at the time of this interview, had recently sold out her brand new signature Dream Starter Program. 


When you listen to Jen’s Clarity Confession, you’ll learn...

  • The secret to becoming an “overnight success” story
  • The best investment she’s ever made 
  • How to serve from the overflow
  • Why listening to nudges is essential for business success
  • How to get her 8 min morning ritual for better energy

Want to connect with Jen and grab her new Find Your Purpose Meditation + Workbook? You can find her here.