Confession #012: “I never knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur” with Jennah Lear

I never knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.
— Jennah Lear

Jennah Lear is a Cleveland State University graduate with a business background from The Kauffman Foundation. She owns Blue Loui Studio, located in Lakewood, OH. As a Branding Designer, she works with business owners and entrepreneurs to co-create impactful design for purpose-driven brands that tell their story, attract soul-aligned clients, AND increase their bottom line. Jennah is fiercely devoted to empowering women and promoting confidence in all aspects of life and business. She knows it starts with believing in yourself; when you do that, magical things start to happen. 

And, in her Clarity Confession, Jennah open-heartedly shares what it takes to become (and stick with being) an entrepreneur.

She’s honest, totally relatable and offers a ton of great advice for any aspiring or struggling entrepreneur who questions whether or not they’ll ever “make it”.

Tune into this month’s Clarity Confession with Jennah to learn...

  • Why you can’t create from a place of scarcity
  • How “walking away” from a problem can sometime be the best solution
  • Why it doesn’t matter where the money comes from
  • The best investment she’s ever made
  • Why having support is a MUST

Want to connect with Jennah? You can find her online at Blue Loui Studio, and join her Facebook group, Semi-Charmed Business Circle, right here.