Confession #014: “When I decided that 'I am a leader in my industry' - that’s when I got true clarity and things took off” with Leimomi Keliikuli

When I decided that ‘I am a leader in my industry’ - that’s when I got true clarity and things took off.
— Leimomi Keliikuli

Leimomi Keliikuli is an Intuitive Soul Alignment Coach, who helps soul-driven women to uplevel with ease and in epic time by teaching them how to align to their soul's divine soul blueprints, to manifest whatever they desire, and clear their invisible soul level blocks to success using the Akashic Records.  She shows them how to have it all, while stepping into their soul aligned leadership and staying in alignment to their soul's design.  Starting out as a Psychic Monk for 10 years from the age of 21, she successfully grew and managed several yoga and metaphysical storefronts for a spiritual group. When she realized she was living an unaligned path, she left her title, status, and everything behind, married her soulmate, and built a successful full online business from scratch. 

Her story of misalignment of expressing an "unaligned" purpose driven path has lead her to help hundreds of soulful entrepreneurs to become the embodiment of Source and step into their Soul Aligned Leadership into Soul and Business Alignment. Discovering that her soul blueprints were the key to allowing abundance and upleveling in her life, she founded the Soul Aligned Manifestation Method™, Being Alohi Method™, 3 Main Gifts Concept ™ and the Activating and Expanding Your Highest Psychic Gifts System™, which are programs that can help you create a soulful brand in soul and business alignment. She has been featured on several media spotlights such as Coached or, Woman of the Western World Series, Thrive Global, Kharisma Magazine, Sleep Like a Boss Podcast, Heart Soul & Hustle Podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, and more!


Listen to Leimomi’s confession to learn:

  • How she held her first webinar without any real business idea, and turned it an $80K launch
  • The steps she took to retire her husband from his 9-5, to become to sole breadwinnner of the family.
  • How to connect with “Source” to overcome obstacles and challenges in your way
  • Tips for discovering your Soul’s gift.

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