Confession #016: “I was talking to a completely different audience than I was selling to!” with Lacy Boggs

I was talking to a completely different audience than I was selling to!
— Lacy Boggs

If you want your blog to actually make an impact for your business -- it starts with strategy, and Lacy Boggs is your go-to gal for that. Lacy Boggs is a content marketing strategist, author of the bestselling, "Make a Killing With Content," and director of The Content Direction Agency.

Lacy’s journey is fascinating - from her start as a food writer/editor at a small magazine in Colorado to building The Content Direction Agency after finally getting clear about who she was blogging for and what she was actually blogging about. Lacy shares the mistakes she made and what she learned the hard way while starting her business, and tips for connecting your blogging efforts to your sales process - something many business owners often forget!


Tune in to Lacy’s Clarity Confession to learn:

  • how to figure out if you’re blogging to the wrong audience and stifling your business growth + sales
  • why working backwards from your goals will help you build a content strategy that bring in perfect-for-you clients
  • why your audience is more interested in what you’re saying that what you’re selling
  • that it’s ok to pivot - and how that can actually be a good thing for your business

After you listen to Lacy’s confession, head over to to learn more about her and her services.

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