Confession #020: "When I realized that this work does not belong to me, I surrendered and my work became my prayer." with Melissa Aguirre

When I realized that this work does not belong to me, I surrendered and my work became my prayer.
— Melissa Aguirre

Melissa Aguirre is a Nationally Certified Yoga Therapist, Author, Certified Energy Medicine and MBSR Practitioner specializing in evidence-based holistic practices and education. She has created mindfulness-based yoga therapy programs that serve the military population along with multiple wellness workshops and classes in holistic healing to her national audience. Melissa is a wellness speaker and contributing author for yoga therapy case studies continuing to impact optimal patient care and sustainable lifestyle choice. Melissa loves the little things; cozy evenings, journaling, her faith, movement, chai, her daughter’s snuggles, spending time with husband who keeps her rooted and inspired.
Melissa’s entrepreneurial path was born out of a creative effort to do what she loved and to earn money by doing it. After receiving her first yoga teacher training certification in therapeutic yoga, she began taking any teaching opportunity available to me. In the midst of a storm of life changes - dropping out of college, marrying the love of her life, and moving to a brand new town - Melissa began immersing herself in the healing community. Following her heart has allowed Melissa to stay aligned with her authenticity, do the work that calls to her soul, and help others in their journey of healing.


Listen to Melissa’s Clarity Confession to learn:

  • How Melissa found her mentor through a Craigslist listing and unconventional interview process
  • More about Yoga Therapy and the benefits for military members, entrepreneurs and new moms
  • How Melissa used her Yoga Therapy training during the birth of her daughter
  • Why you shouldn’t wait for permission or validation to go after your dreams

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