Confession #029: "My first year in business was a hot mess!" with Jasmine Star


We're dipping into the archives today with a Clarity Confession from Jasmine Star, a branding + marketing strategist, photographer and all-around awesome gal who helps entrepreneurs establish kick-ass social platforms for business growth.

Jasmine’s exuberance and enthusiasm are contagious (which you’ll undoubtedly notice when you tune into the show), but beyond that she’s a fountain of fabulous insight and advice. In 2005 Jasmine walked away from a scholarship to UCLA Law School to follow her heart -- and passion for photography. Voted as one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World, Jasmine now spends her time helping business owners build the foundation to their endeavors and create the career of their dreams. 


Listen to Jasmine's Clarity Confession to learn:

  • How her first business as a photographer laid the groundwork for the business she has now
  • The absolute best advice she’s ever received and continues to live by -- you’re going to want to hear this one!
  • Why her first year in business was a “hot mess”
  • How she managed to host live events in 2 different cities, each with 50 attendees, while still growing her online presence
  • What you need in order to maintain the mindset of a CEO
  • The 2 things every new entrepreneur must focus on in order to truly enjoy life and business 

Plus, at the end of our conversation, Jasmine offers up an amazing practice to help ground you and set you up for big things in life and business. And, it’s something you can start doing today and takes only minutes!