Confession #032: "I replaced my 9-to-5 income the first MONTH after going full-time with my business" with Christine McAlister


With a confession like that, how could I not have Christine on the show?

Christine McAlister is a Freedom Strategist for high-achieving women. She utilizes her background as an online marketing expert, professor and career counselor to empower women to use their unique gifts AND challenges to create and lead the online businesses and freedom-based lives of their dreams.

An expert on transmuting tragedy into triumph, Christine founded her 4th company, Life With Passion, and non-profit, Miles With Maeve, after the sudden loss of her daughter. Her personal mission is to empower women to know that no matter what they’ve been through, it’s possible not only to survive, but to thrive.


Listen to Christine's Clarity Confession to learn:

  • How fear kept her from taking the leap to focus on her business full-time
  • The different business ventures Christine tried out before finding her sweet spot
  • Why focusing on your Zone of Genius is the best use of your time and effort
  • Christine's tip for getting out of your head and into your flow
  • Why done is better than perfect

Be sure to keep your eyes out for Christine's upcoming book, which will be out later this year. In the meantime, you can find her in her Life with Passion Society Facebook Group.