Dose of Clarity: Stop questioning & start trusting...


Don’t you just love a totally inspired idea? (I do!!) It wakes you up at night, feels totally thrilling, and you can’t help but think about it constantly and talk about it incessantly. You’re in love. Fired up. Ready. In flow.

Then you start questioning its viability. Doubting your ability to make it happen. Wondering if it’s really as good as you originally thought. Probably not...

And suddenly that totally lit-up feeling is replaced with a pit in your stomach. Now it seems too big, too worrisome, too impossible. What happened???!! How could something that felt so freakin’ good just days ago now feel so ughh?

In today’s Dose of Clarity episode I’m exploring this phenomenon and will be sharing why it happens and how you can avoid letting questions kill your dreams in the future.


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P.P.S. Don’t worry, The Clarity Confessions aren’t going anywhere! I’ll still be bringing you amazing interviews every other week, but these Dose of Clarity episodes will give you a chance to learn more about my personal (never-ending) journey towards Clarity :-)